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The Local Area 1 Workforce Investment Board exists to connect employers to a motivated workforce having skills to obtain and maintain meaningful employment.
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CEOB Bylaws



Name of the Organization

This organization is named the Chief Elected Officials Board (CEO Board) of Kansas Workforce Development Local Area I, comprised of representatives of one or more of the Counties of Barber, Barton, Chase, Cheyenne, Clark, Cloud, Comanche, Decatur, Dickinson, Edwards, Ellis, Ellsworth, Finney, Ford, Gove, Graham, Grant, Gray, Greeley, Hamilton, Harvey, Haskell, Hodgeman, Jewell, Kearny, Kiowa, Lane, Lincoln, Logan, McPherson, Marion, Meade, Mitchell, Morris, Morton, Ness, Norton, Osborne, Ottawa, Pawnee, Phillips, Pratt, Rawlins, Reno, Republic, Rice, Rooks, Rush, Russell, Saline, Scott, Seward, Sheridan, Sherman, Smith, Stafford, Stanton, Stevens, Thomas, Trego, Wallace and Wichita which have been designated as Workforce Development Area I , as representatives of each may be appointed pursuant to the Chief Elected Officials' Agreement ("Agreement"), and subject to change as provided in the Agreement. The area encompassed by these governmental entities is defined herein as the "Local Area".



Section 1

The purpose of the CEO Board shall be consistent with those purposes which are identified under the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act ("WIOA''), of 2014 and any amendments thereto and other purposes which in accordance with public law may be bestowed upon the CEO Board by the Governor of the State of Kansas or other legal authority.

Section 2

It is the purpose of the CEO Board, in partnership with the Local Workforce Development Board ("LWDB"), to oversee workforce development programs within the Local Area which are funded under WIOA and to perform the duties described in the law. 



Section 1

The authority of the CEO Board shall be consistent with that authority which is identified for "chief elected officials" under WIOA, and other authority which in accordance with public law may be bestowed upon the CEO Board by the Governor of the State of Kansas or other legal authority.

Section 2

In partnership with the LWDB, which is also the Board of Directors of Kansas WorkforceONE, Inc., a Kansas non-profit corporation, the CEO Board will establish policy through the joint submission of a Five Year Workforce Development Plan and modifications to the Governor of the State of Kansas.

Section 3 

The responsibilities of the CEOB under WIOA include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  1. Appoint members to the Local Board in accordance with WIOA Local Board Membership composition requirements.  In the event that a board member resigns prior to the completion of the appointed term, the CEOB Chair will solicit nominations in the form of a letter from the heads of organizations or associations representing business, economic and community development, labor federation, industry associations and other business organizations. In the event of a required partner vacancy, the CEOB Chair will seek nominations in accordance with WIOA regulations and state policy.  When considering nominations, the CEOB will consider geography and industry representation to ensure adequate representation of the full local area. Upon receipt of a nomination the full CEOB will consider the nomination.  The CEOB will forward all LWDB appointment notices to the Kansas Department of Commerce within 30 days of the appointment.  LWDB Staff will be responsible for maintaining all LWDB nomination and membership records on behalf of the CEOB.  In order to avoid conflict of interest, staff to the LWDB, fiscal agent, One-Stop Operators, and contracted service providers (if applicable) are prohibited from both nominating members to the board or serving on the board; this process is in place to avoid conflicts of interest.
  2. Serve as grant recipient and assume fiscal liability for grant funds for WIOA Title I adult, dislocated worker and youth activities; as well as other such federal or state workforce funds as may be awarded, 
  3. Approve budgets for carrying out the responsibilities of the Local Board; 
  4. Provide comprehensive oversight of the activities of the Local Board; 
  5. Ensure that local area partnerships are functioning effectively; 

In partnership with the Local Workforce Development Board:

  1. Participate in the development of the Local Area Plan; 
  2. Conduct oversight of One-Stop delivery system, youth activities, and employment and training activities; 
  3. Competitively select One-Stop operators and eligible service providers and oversee compliance and continuance improvement (may subsequently terminate these for cause); 
  4. Agree on Memorandums of Understanding between the Local Workforce Development Board and the One-Stop operator(s); 
  5. Negotiate and reach agreement on performance standards and any additional local performance measures; 

In partnership with the Governor:

  1. Agree on whether the Workforce Development Board may provide Adult and Dislocated Worker Career Services as well as youth services; 
  2. Agree on whether the Workforce Development Board may serve as a One-Stop operator; and 
  3. Negotiate waiver requests as needed. 



Section 1

CEO Board Members shall be selected by members of the board of county commissioners, as a whole; or city council, as a whole from among its members.

Section 2

The CEO Board shall be comprised of no fewer than two (2) and no more than sixty-two (62) members.

Section 3

The term of membership on the CEO Board will extend for the duration of the appointing authority's appointment.

Section 4

Vacancies on the CEO Board caused by elections, resignations or other reasons during the term of membership shall be filled in the same manner as the original position.



Section 1

Meetings of the CEO Board shall be held in conjunction with Local Area 1 Workforce Development Board, Inc.  d.b.a. Kansas WorkforceONE meetings, generally quarterly. Written notice of all regular meetings will be provided to all CEO Board Members reasonably in advance as provided by KSA 75-4318, as it may be amended from time to time; and will include a copy of a tentative agenda.

Section 2

Special meetings of the CEO Board may be called upon request of the Chair or by a majority of the CEO Board. The Local Area 1 Workforce Development Board, Inc.  d.b.a. Kansas WorkforceONE Chair will be notified of any special meetings of the CEO Board.

Section 3

All meetings of the CEO Board are open to the public, except as a portion of a meeting may be properly closed as permitted by applicable State law.

Section 4

A quorum of any meeting of the CEO Board shall be a majority of its then-current membership. The CEO Board shall act as provided in the Agreement.

Section 5

In all matters of parliamentary procedures not specifically covered by these By-laws, Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, shall be observed.

Section 6

CEO Board Members shall be required to announce a "conflict of interest" and abstain from voting on any item of business which might reasonably be expected to benefit any person or immediate family member or organization in which the Member has any financial or other personal interest distinguishable from the interests of the general public. Each member of the CEO Board shall sign the Local Area I Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Disclaimer form on an annual basis.



Section I 

The Officers of the CEO Board shall consist of a Chair and a Vice-Chair.

Section 2

The CEO Board shall elect Officers from among its Members, not including Alternates.

Section 3

The term of office for each Officer shall be one (I) year. Officers may serve consecutive terms without limitation.

Section 4

The Chair shall be the spokesperson for the CEO Board and shall preside at all meetings of the CEO Board. The Vice-Chair will act in the absence of the Chair. In the absence or inability of the Chair and the Vice-Chair to perform all of the duties as prescribed, the Chair shall appoint a member of the CEO to perform these duties, or the Members shall elect a temporary Chair.



Section I

Standing committees and other committees may be established in order to carry out the functions of the CEO Board. The Chair will appoint Members to all committees.

Section 2

When established, such committees will, after careful consideration, forward recommendations to the CEO Board for appropriate action.


Amendment of By-Laws

Any proposed amendment to these By-Laws shall be communicated to each CEO Board Member at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting at which it is to be voted upon.   A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Members present shall be required to adopt any amendments to these By-Laws.


Effective Date

These By-Laws and any amendments thereto shall become effective immediately upon adoption, and shall remain in continuous effect from that date until otherwise amended.

By-Laws original date:  


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