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The Local Area 1 Workforce Investment Board exists to connect employers to a motivated workforce having skills to obtain and maintain meaningful employment.
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Lay-off Facilitation / Rapid Response

Rapid Response services provide support for workers and employers facing layoffs to make the transition smoother for both.  Once employees are notified of the layoff date, LWIB Staff or Contractors will make arrangements for the Rapid Response team to visit the job site.

Conducting the meeting prior to the separation date allows workers time to consider their options before the actual layoff date. During the meeting, the team will explain pertinent information to the employees who are facing the prospect of unemployment.

The Rapid Response meeting provides pre-layoff information on employment, training, Unemployment Insurance, educational opportunities and how to deal with the personal and financial impact of unemployment.

Each employee attending the Rapid Response meeting will receive a folder that includes the following literature:

  • Local Resource Sheet
  • Dislocated Worker Workforce Investment Act Overview
  • Workforce Center Resource Sheet
  • One-Stop brochures
  • Job Search Workbook
  • Pocket Resume
  • Pension and Health Care Coverage Booklet – Questions and Answers for Dislocated Workers
  • Unemployment Insurance Question and Answer booklet
  • Healthwave Brochure
  • Heartland Share Information
  • Additional Information for local areas (i.e. partner information, schools, etc.)

Approximately one month after the layoff date, follow-up phone calls will be made to all employees who attended the Rapid Response meeting to check on employment status and offer additional job services if needed. Employers facing a layoff can contact the LWIB staff for more information or to schedule a Rapid Response meeting.

Additional Rapid Response services include:

  • Guidance in obtaining funding assistance to avert layoffs
  • Training funds for employees who would be laid off without a skill upgrade
  • Facilitating employee meetings to provide information regarding services available to assist individuals with career change
  • Conducting on-site unemployment insurance claims information sessions
  • Holding customized workshops on coping with job loss, resume writing, and interview skills
  • Assisting with special Job Fairs.

Members of the Rapid Response include:

  • Rapid Response Coordinator
  • One-Stop Operator
  • WIA Title IB Case Manager
  • Kansas Department of Commerice Representative
  • Unemployment Insurance Representative
  • Additional Community Service Providers (upon request)